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Antioxidants found in pork, beef and chicken – Japanese scientists

In a new study, researchers at Osaka Capital University’s Graduate School of Science, led by Professor Hideshi Ihara, were among the first to discover antioxidants in meat.

Substances imidazole dipeptides (IDP) are found in fish and meat. They are produced in the organisms of animals, including humans; effective in relieving fatigue and also protecting against dementia.

Using the method of mass spectrometry, scientists found that beef, pork, chicken and other types of meat also contain 2-oxo-imidazole-containing dipeptides (2-oxo-IDP) – they contain one more oxygen atom than conventional IDPs.

But the main discovery is that 2-oxo-imidazole-containing dipeptides have a high antioxidant activity. And antioxidants can protect against many diseases, including cancer. The scientists’ findings are published in the journal  Antioxidants .

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