“Yandex” will show the converter of cryptocurrencies in the “Search”

andex has updated the currency converter in Search. Now, in addition to data on the classic monetary units of different countries, users have access to information on the 143 most popular crypto assets. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Yandex.

A widget with a course chart and a quick conversion tool is displayed right above the search results. The service understands what exactly a person is looking for by text queries: for example, “Dogecoin price”. When processing them, even slang can be taken into account: “how much is the ether” or “bitcoins in Turkish lira”.

Now you can find out the cost of the necessary tokens and coins in rubles, dollars, euros and other currencies of the world. In the future, there will be more of them, and there will also be the conversion of some crypto assets into others. Yandex receives information about the course without delay from CoinGecko, one of the largest aggregators of information about digital currencies on the Internet .

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