“Yandex” posted in the open source counter “Metrics”

Yandex has published the source code of the Metrica counter, which is loaded on hundreds of thousands of sites and captures various events occurring on them. Now any developer can study the counter code in detail, modify it for their own tasks and use it for their own needs. The counter is provided under the open license Apache 2.0. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Yandex.

The counter is a key component of Yandex Metrica. The published source code contains all the functions of the usual counter, with the exception of some proprietary modules, for example, “Webvisor”. The modular structure of the code allows developers to control which features to include on the site, as well as add new ones, depending on the requirements for the amount of data collected, site performance, and other indicators.

By publishing the code of the counter, Yandex shares its best practices that will allow the developer community to study the principles of web site analytics on the Internet and participate in improving Yandex Metrica. The openness of the source code allows you to customize the tracker for your tasks and reuse the Yandex experience in other solutions. For example, launch an analytics system for your company’s internal corporate system.

Yandex also publishes its other key technologies in open source – for example, the YDB database management system , the CatBoost machine learning library , and the userver framework for creating high-load applications.

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