Wildberries will prohibit the manipulation of discounts on the platform

The Wildberries online platform has begun to implement a new algorithm for calculating discounts and displaying them for customers. If earlier the seller indicated the crossed out (initial) “cost” of the goods at his own discretion, now it cannot be higher than the actual price of the goods at which he was sold during the previous calendar week. At the same time, information about the discount is indicated for the buyer only if it differs from the average real price by at least 5%.

Wildberries emphasize that the new approach will prevent the appearance of ” fake  discounts. Previously, some sellers could give out a crossed out value for the original cost of the goods and indicate a large “discount” relative to it, misleading the online platform and buyers.

The display of discounts in the new format has already been implemented for buyers from a number of regions in Russia , Kazakhstan , Belarus , Kyrgyzstan and Armenia . The company plans to introduce a new approach in all Wildberries services and for users from all countries by March 1.

“We are consistently cracking down on artificial ‘discounts’ that mislead shoppers and are used to manipulate search results. We will continue to develop and apply new algorithms to counter fakes, ”the Wildberries press service noted.

Earlier in 2022, Wildberries developed and implemented its own artificial intelligence ( AI ) algorithm that limited manipulation of prices and discounts during the sales period. The system compares the prices of the products participating in sales with their average price for previous periods, and hides offers with “fake” discounts.

In addition, Wildberries has a ” people’s control ” for discounts: using a dynamic chart with a history of price changes in product cards, buyers can make sure that the seller has really set a fair discount.

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