Vkontakte has developed an algorithm for analyzing media content and launched a new feed of recommendations

Vkontakte presented an updated media recommendation feed with an emphasis on vibrant visual formats and deep audience engagement . It’s an endless feed of photos, posts, clips and content collections in a compact form.

” Vkontakte ” began testing a new product on a part of the audience at the end of December, based on the results of feedback studies from authors and users. As part of the experiment, the social network team tested several interface options – and as a result, they created a media recommendation feed with support for photos, clips, videos, and publications in different thematic verticals. The new product is a continuation of the course of updates with a focus on content and fast consumption.

The feed is based on machine learning algorithms that define topics at a new level and analyze content for relevance , relevance, trendiness and visual appeal. One of the main tasks of the product is to introduce the audience to new interesting authors, topics and formats, so the feed is unique for each user and is regularly updated. The accuracy of recommendations is enhanced by various signals: likes, views, comments, content disclosures, subscriptions, reposts and hundreds of other factors. Clicking on any post will open a thematic collection of similar posts in different formats, including text, music, polls, and articles.

Marina Krasnova , CEO of Vkontakte, said: “The new media recommendation feed is the quintessence of Vkontakte’s developments in the field of media content recommendations using neural networks. We trained algorithms to analyze how the audience reacts to different types of content, and based on this data, we developed recommendations in our products: clips, news feed and recommendations, videos. The updated “For You” feed has combined all the accumulated potential to offer the best media recommendations for each user personally. The product will constantly evolve and support various social network formats for maximum engagement.”

Previously, Vkontakte carried out a global update of the feed and communities with a focus on bright media content, the individuality of authors and quick access to information for the audience. Activity on the social network is growing: in 2022, more than 6.3 billion pieces of content were published – posts, clips, articles, videos, music and other formats. Thanks to the development of recommendations and increased audience engagement, the number of views of the feed increased by 30%.


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