Vkontakte decided to close the financial flows of its bloggers

Vkontakte will pay increased rewards to authors for advertising on the site. This will affect those content creators who will apply for self-employment and will place ads through social media tools. Experts believe that this way the company will attract more new authors.

Payments “Vkontakte”

Vkontakte will pay increased rewards to content creators on its site within six months. Representatives of the company told CNews about it.

The increased remuneration will be paid in the form of a tax offset that bloggers are required to pay on their advertising revenue. In order to take advantage of this offer, a blogger must apply for self-employment and advertise using social media tools.

” Vkontakte ” does not indicate the amount of compensation. However, it is known that now the self-employed pay 4% of income received from individuals as a tax , and 6% – in relation to income received from individual entrepreneurs (IP) and legal entities. Thus, the promised increased remuneration can be 4-6% of each payment to the author for advertising.

If a self-employed author receives money from the advertiser directly, the tax deductions will not be returned to him, a representative of the social network told Vedomosti. Thus, the social network wants to organize through itself directly the entire cash flow from authors and advertisers in exchange for a six-month surcharge on advertising payments.

Vkontakte will pay taxes for self-employed authors

Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs will be able to conclude an agreement directly with the social network, and self-employed people will be able to automatically declare their income with the Federal Tax Service ( FTS ).

In addition, the social network introduced a new payout area through which content authors can directly receive money earned using monetization tools ( Vkontakte affiliate program , market platform and video monetization program ).

With the payment cabinet, the authors will be able to withdraw earnings to the cards of Russian banks or a current account. Community owners will also be able to analyze the effectiveness of various monetization tools in the community using statistics in quick access.

Who has access to a personal account

Self-employed, individual entrepreneurs and other legal entities can use the new office . The social network does not take a commission for withdrawing funds.

The commission for the self-employed, depending on the chosen partner bank , will be from 0.5 to 1.5%. Legal entities will be able to receive money to their current account without commission.

According to the CEO of Vkontakte Marina Krasnova , in 2022, the content creators of the social network earned over 4 billion rubles. Every year, authors publish over 6.3 billion articles.

Why this maneuver “Vkontakte”

Vkontakte has been paying part of its advertising revenue to authors since 2020. Previously, the company organized work with content creators through an intermediary – SocialCentrum, a company representative explained to Vedomosti . The intermediary deals with issues related to tax deductions. Both self-employed, individuals and individual entrepreneurs work with SocialCentrum. After the appearance of a new personal account, content creators can continue to work with an intermediary if they wish.

As a representative of the social network told the publication, Vkontakte expects to attract new authors with the innovation and increase the company’s advertising revenue.

According to the President of the Association of Bloggers and Agencies Tatyana Ivanova , the cost of one advertising integration in a cited public with 5,000 subscribers averages 500 rubles.

If Vkontakte transfers advertising income in the amount of 10 thousand rubles to an individual author, then after deducting personal income tax, the author will receive 8.7 thousand rubles. The company will also have to pay 4.3 thousand rubles. as insurance payments, leads the special adviser on corporate issues of KA Pen & Paper Natalya Bunina .

Therefore, settlement with individuals is extremely unprofitable. Not only because the company pays personal income tax , but also insurance premiums . Paying for the self-employed is more profitable. They will receive 10 thousand rubles in their hands, and the author will have to pay up to 600 rubles in the form of professional income tax. (6%).

In addition to attracting new authors and exclusive content, Vkontakte will achieve the legalization of the income of content creators through the payment of taxes , Dmitry Kirillov , teacher at Moscow Digital School, told the publication .


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