The authorities fined Rostelecom for 168 million

The Ministry of Digital Transformation imposed penalties on Rostelecom in the amount of 168 million rubles. Rostelecom is the sole executor of the relevant work.

Mintsifra and Rostelecom terminate the contract on the electronic government

The Ministry of Digital Transformation and Rostelecom entered into an agreement on the early termination of the contract for the performance of work on the operation of the e-government infrastructure. This follows from the documents published in the Unified Information System ( EIS ) “Procurement”.

The corresponding state contract was concluded at the end of 2021 with a two-year execution period. Its amount is almost 12 billion rubles.

The termination agreement, signed by Rostelecom President Mikhail Oseevsky and Deputy Minister of Digital Development Oleg Kochanov , states that Rostelecom completed work in the amount of 7.7 billion rubles. These works were paid for.

Penalties for Rostelecom

At the same time, Rostelecom must pay a penalty in the amount of 168 million rubles to the budget. This is due to the fact that during the execution of the contract, the Ministry of Digital Development, according to the results of the reporting periods, imposed penalties on Rostelecom three times , the amount of which was 60 million rubles, 60 million rubles. and 48 million rubles.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation fined Rostelecom and terminated the contract with it for the operation of the e-government infrastructure

The last time this was due to a violation of the contractual requirement for the recovery time of the e-government infrastructure.

At the end of 2022, the Ministry of Digital Transformation entered into another major contract with Rostelecom related to the operation of e-government – for the provision of computing resources of the state unified cloud platform (GEOP, Goscloud) in order to host and ensure the functioning of information systems of government agencies. The contract amount is 7.9 billion rubles.

At the same time, the Ministry of Digital Development regularly fines Rostelecom for incomplete compliance with the requirements of state contracts. Thus, at the end of 2021, the amount of penalties under the contract to support the e-government infrastructure, concluded in 2021, amounted to 133 million rubles.

Government spending on e-government development

Rostelecom was appointed as the sole executor of work related to the development and support of the e-government infrastructure in 2009.

It was after this that the Unified Portal of State and Municipal Services (EPGU, ” Gosuslugi “) was launched in Russia . Since then, the Ministry of Digital Development has regularly entered into various contracts with Rostelecom related to e-government as a single contractor.

According to the federal project ” Digital Public Administration ” of the national program ” Digital Economy “, in 2021-2024. the federal budget will spend 52.75 billion rubles. to ensure the functioning and development of the e-government infrastructure, the national data management system ( NDMS ) and the information systems necessary for their functioning.

The press service of the Ministry of Digital Development told CNews that a new contract with Rostelecom for services for the operation of the e-government infrastructure was concluded in 2022 until the end of 2024. At the same time, a commission of the Ministry of Digital Development, which has not yet met, will have to make a decision on the fines imposed.


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