The American company promised to send into space the hair of Reagan, Kennedy and Washington

Hair samples from a number of former US presidents will be sent into space. It is reported by Celestis.

Celestis is based in Texas and specializes in “memorial flights” – space burials. The company has now said it will launch “what we believe to be the true DNA of former U.S. presidents” into space in late 2023 aboard a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Vulcan rocket. According to the plans, the rocket will launch from Cape Canaveral, launch two satellites into Earth orbit, send a private apparatus to the Moon, and a capsule with biological samples into deep space.

In total, the hair of four presidents will be on board: Ronald Reagan , John F. Kennedy , Dwight Eisenhower , and George Washington . All samples were donated to the company by an anonymous donor and had a certificate of authenticity. Initially, they were in the collection of Louis Moucherot, who died in 2014, who collected celebrity hair.

The estimated cost of burial in deep space using the company’s services is $12,500.

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