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Starlink began to offer users a new tariff, media writes

The Verge: Starlink began offering users a "Global Roaming" tariff

The Starlink satellite communications system, owned by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, has begun offering users a data plan with worldwide roaming, The Verge reports, citing Starlink users.

“Starlink is testing a new satellite internet service that it says will allow users to connect from virtually anywhere in the world,” Starlink said in a message received by some Starlink users. The company calls it a “global roaming service” that will cost $200 per month in addition to the $599 Starlink basic package.

In its message to users, Starlink notes that high internet speeds are to be expected, but also short periods of poor or no connection at all, which will improve significantly over time.

As the company is not available in all countries, Starlink is awaiting regulatory approval in various countries including India, Pakistan and Cambodia.

Starlink is a next generation satellite network designed to provide broadband Internet access anywhere in the world. The project has been implemented by SpaceX since 2018.

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