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SAP austerity program causes unrest among employees and customers

Which positions and products will be eliminated? Some contours of the restructuring at SAP are now becoming apparent.

Düsseldorf At the end of January , SAP announced “targeted restructuring” to strengthen its core business with business software. What shareholders see favorably causes concern among employees as well as among customers – many important details are still open, from the positions affected to the structure of the portfolio.

On Friday, 24 employee representatives of the group positioned themselves against the austerity program in an internal e-mail. This is not in line with management’s promises of compassion and respect, the statement of solidarity said. In addition, the management involved the social partners too late.

After the good end of the year, the job cuts are incomprehensible, especially since SAP wants to continue actively hiring, explained co-initiator Andreas Hahn, who is chairman of SAP’s European works council.

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