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Russians taught how to “sweep” the digital footprint on the Web

Cyberexpert Arbuzov: deleting accounts and cookies will help "sweep" the digital footprint

MOSCOW, Feb 20 – PRIME. A digital footprint is data that a user voluntarily or unwittingly leaves on the Internet. The more active you are, the brighter it is, and it is almost impossible to “replace” it completely, but there are ways to minimize it, Vitaly Arbuzov, CEO of, told the Prime agency.

“First of all, you should reduce the number of sources where your name is mentioned. You can find them using search engines. To do this, write your first and last name in various variations in the search box. Viewing the search results will show where and what they write about you,” he advised He.

Then you need to delete accounts from accounts that you do not use, as well as unsubscribe from email newsletters that you are no longer interested in.

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