Residents of the Trade side of Veliky Novgorod will be able to connect gigabit Internet

MTS PJSC , a digital ecosystem, has expanded its high-speed home Internet network in Novgorod. Now another 2,000 residents and new settlers of the capital will be able to use gigabit Internet and at the same time save up to 40% on communication services. Representatives of MTS reported this to CNews.

After the installation of new equipment, high-speed Internet and digital services of MTS became available to residents of the Torgovaya side in Veliky Novgorod. The residential complex “Universitet” on the street is also connected to the MTS gigabit Internet network. Soviet Army and a new building in the residential complex “Ivushki” on the street. Jacob Pavlov.

High-speed Internet allows you to comfortably go online from several gadgets at the same time even during peak hours , watch online movies and videos in HD without loss of quality, cheer for your favorite sports team and download “heavy” content in seconds.

By connecting other services of the MTS ecosystem together with the home Internet – interactive television , KION online cinema and mobile communications , subscribers will be able to save up to 40% on communication services, which is approximately 12 thousand rubles. in annual terms.

“Since the beginning of the year, MTS has already connected the Western and Pskov districts to the fixed-line network, now ultra-high-speed Internet has become available to residents of Moskovskaya , Khutynskaya, and Bolshaya Moskovskaya streets. After the work we have done, residents of more than 26,000 apartments in the capital can not only use gigabit Internet, comfortably pay for all services from one account, but also save a significant amount for the family budget,” said Alexander Samuylov , director of MTS in the Novgorod region .

To connect ultra-high-speed Internet, you will need equipment that has an Ethernet port with a bandwidth of 1 Gb / s , and a technical capability at a specific address. You can clarify the information on the MTS website in Veliky Novgorod .

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