Professor Semenova named the most dangerous impurity in salt

Hydrogen sulfide, which is contained in black Himalayan salt, is a very dubious impurity, emphasized in an interview with Gazeta.Ru the deputy director for scientific work of the Federal Scientific Center for Food Systems named after. V.M.Gorbatov RAS , Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Anastasia Semenova .

“Hydrogen sulfide gas becomes acid when it enters the water. We add a component that reduces the acidity (pH) of the product, which can change the taste of the dish. And then – hydrogen sulfide is simply poisonous, it is a highly toxic compound, you should not expect any benefit from such an impurity, ”said the professor.

The origin of this salt is India and Pakistan . This is an unpurified salt, there are impurities of sulfates, bisulfates, bisulfites, there are compounds of iron and various other elements.

“You can stir a spoonful of such exotic salt in a glass of water before use and look at the sediment. If at the same time ordinary edible salt is dissolved in another glass, then it turns out quite clearly to see the difference in composition, ”said Semenova.

According to the scientist, in most cases, impurities can only change the appearance of salt and its taste, but not increase its usefulness for the body.

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