Optica Halperin launches telemedicine service on TrueConf platform

Optica Halperin, the largest network of medical opticians in Israel, has launched a telemedicine service on the TrueConf platform for remote patient examinations throughout the country. Branches of Optica Halperin were equipped with specialized rooms for remote ophthalmological examinations, and the Russian video conferencing system TrueConf Server became a connecting element between patients and doctors .

Optica Halperin is the largest network of opticians in Israel , established in 1988. It includes 150 branches and more than 700 employees. The experience of the pandemic and the increase in the number of examinations carried out has led to a massive digitalization of meetings and interactions with Optica Halperin patients across the country. As a result, a single telemedicine complex was created, to which all branches of the organization were connected.

The basis of the Optica Halperin system was the TrueConf Server video conferencing platform, which demonstrated compliance with the requirements for security and quality of video communication, integration with internal IT services and the availability of an API for automating work. TrueConf Server also supports online meetings in 4K UltraHD resolution, which is important for specialists in remote examination and diagnostics.

The security of patient data is another key factor when choosing a video conferencing solution. The TrueConf platform operates within the Optica Halperin corporate network, data is stored and processed on server hardware, which guarantees employees full control over the video communication system and excludes unauthorized access to confidential information .

The introduction of the TrueConf video conferencing platform has reduced the cost of digitalization of branches – for remote video consultations, PCs with TrueConf AI applications have been installed in the offices. High-resolution monitors and cameras are used as equipment, as well as Visionix ophthalmic equipment for detailed vision diagnostics.

Using the TrueConf API tools , video conferencing was integrated into the Optica Halperin queue management system — patients can make an appointment with a specialist by phone or on the Optica Halperin official website. After that, a video conference is created at the appointed time, and the recording is automatically entered into the queue management system. The patient receives information about the time of the meeting with the specialist and the number of the department where the consultation will take place, and the operators see all the upcoming meetings sorted by date.

Optica Halperin specialists can start a video consultation with just one click, as well as connect colleagues to the examination for a more accurate diagnosis. Doctors can also record video calls, and information about each session is stored in the company’s own IT infrastructure .

TrueConf videoconferencing technologies have made it possible to digitize meetings, optimize and speed up the process of patient care, reduce the workload on Optica Halperin staff, and reduce personal contacts, which is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic . In addition, the introduction of TrueConf videoconferencing allowed reducing the cost of hiring optometrists by replacing face-to-face consultations with remote ones.

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