On Yandex Market, sellers will be able to receive money for business development and return it later  

On Yandex Market, sellers can now quickly receive money for business development and return it later. It is designed for small and medium businesses . For example, with money from the Market, you can buy more goods, run ads, or order equipment. The new feature is already available to some stores on the marketplace , and it will soon be available for other sellers on the service. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Yandex Market.

The new service is called “Money in circulation” and is available in your personal account on Yandex Market. Sellers who have a turnover on the marketplace of up to 3 million rubles will be able to use it. per month and work with the service for more than six months using the FBY models (storage, assembly and delivery of orders on the Market side), FBS (storage and assembly of orders on the seller’s side, delivery on the Market side) or Express (storage and assembly orders on the seller’s side, express delivery on the “Market” side).

The seller himself chooses how much money he will receive within the available limit and for how long he will return them – in three or six months. Each store has its own maximum “Money in circulation” limit – it is up to 1.5 of the sales volume on the marketplace in the previous month. If next month the turnover is higher, the limit may increase. 

The price of the new service is calculated individually for each store, and payment is made in the same way as for other additional marketplace services, only for the period when the store uses them.


Yandex Market is a shopping service with more than 49 million products available. It helps to order everything you need: from a smartphone of a new model to a children’s designer. More than 35,000 partner stores actively sell goods on the service. The marketplace can take over the processing, delivery of orders and communication with customers. You can buy goods on the “Market” on its website and in the application for Android or iOS , and also in the ” Yandex Go ” application – in the “Market” section.

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