Named the consequences of blocking Slack messenger accounts for the ru domain

Expert: possible blocking of Slack messenger accounts for the ru domain will affect the whole world

The possible blocking of accounts of users of the Slack messenger who are registered to email addresses in the .ru domain zone will affect not only Russians, but also residents of other regions of the world using Russian mail services, Vladimir Zykov, director of the Association of Professional Users of Social Networks and Messengers, told RIA Novosti.

“There were accounts historically registered in the .ru zone, because Yandex and Mail are one of the largest international mail services. Former immigrants from the Soviet Union and the Russian-speaking population in general living abroad used mail located on Mail or on ” Yandex,” he explained.

“For some reason, Slack thought that if the .ru zone, then the person must live in Russia, which, of course, is not the case. And to punish users of the whole world because they use mail located in the .ru zone – how at least strange,” the expert added.

According to him, blocking by domain may occur because Slack does not have the ability to determine by geolocation which users are in Russia and who are not.

In March 2022, Slack, a corporate messenger, began disconnecting some of its clients in Russia due to international sanctions. In February of this year, information appeared in the media that Slack sent notifications to Russian users about blocking accounts registered to email addresses in the .ru zone since March 21.

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