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Named a simple way to free up memory smartphone

Expert Jaconia advised to reset the smartphone to factory settings every year and a half

MOSCOW, Feb 18 – PRIME. To get rid of unnecessary data on a smartphone, it is necessary to reset it to factory settings every 1.5 years, Alexander Dzhakonia, head of the center for research and testing of Megafon subscriber equipment, told RIA Novosti.

“You can get rid of unclaimed data that could not be deleted manually or using special applications by resetting the smartphone to factory settings,” he said.

According to him, such a procedure will “clean up” the memory of the gadget and speed up its work.

It is necessary to make a reset about once every one and a half years. First you need to create a backup copy and save all important data. 

Another way to free up memory is to download information (photos, videos, music) to a computer or transfer it to the cloud. In addition, you can disable auto-upload of files in messengers, then media files will not be downloaded to the phone and fill its memory, the expert advised.

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