MTS equips Naberezhnye Chelny trams with smart services to ensure passenger safety

MTS has equipped more than a third of trams in Naberezhnye Chelny with smart video surveillance and alarm systems. The installed equipment will help ensure the safety of passengers when moving and boarding cars, monitor compliance with traffic rules by public transport drivers and prevent vandalism.

MTS smart video cameras installed in the trams of the motor city allow monitoring the situation in the passenger compartment and in the driver’s cab. On a special monitor, the driver sees whether passengers have finished disembarking or boarding and whether it is possible to close the doors of the transport , and can also timely prevent conflict situations, damage to property and other offenses in the cabin. The data from the cameras is also recorded by the video recorder , which in the event of an accidentallows you to identify the perpetrators and evaluate the actions of the driver and the conductor. In case of a traffic accident or a non-standard situation in the passenger compartment, the driver can instantly notify the dispatcher about the danger using the wireless panic button. The device operates on the MTS Internet of Things network and is capable of transmitting messages at any cellular signal level without affecting the operation of smartphones on the tram users.

“Our smart cameras can do a lot – for example, in Tatarstan they help fuel trucks deliver fuel safely and control the progress of construction on the M7 highway, in neighboring regions they protect the peace of residents of houses and public spaces. Ensuring the safety of passengers is one of the main tasks of public transport, and our technologies become a great help in this. We have already equipped several dozen trams in Naberezhnye Chelny with a smart video surveillance system and are ready to scale this project and expand its capabilities,” said Marat Shakirov , director of MTS in Tatarstan .

“Tram tracks connect residential areas and industrial areas of Naberezhnye Chelny. We carry over 15 million passengers a year, making over 124,000 flights. It is important for us to create comfortable conditions and ensure the safety of every resident of the city and our employees. With the digital services of the MTS ecosystem , we have the opportunity to monitor the condition of drivers, the situation in the cabin and reduce the risks of dangerous situations, while not distracting staff from work. Given the successful testing of the systems, we are considering the possibility of increasing the number of cars with smart video surveillance and an alarm button,” said Vyacheslav Migunov , Deputy General Director of Elektrotransport .

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