More than 200 large clients placed their IT resources in the Beeline cloud in 2022

В 2022 году более 200 крупных компаний разместили в облаке билайн собственные цифровые и ИТ-ресурсы.

The past year also allowed Beeline to increase its portfolio of complex consulting projects by 5 times, which are an integral part of cloud services: migration of domain users, building a role structure, organizing hybrid infrastructures, certification of services, etc.

The number of requests from cloud service customers who want to see in the cloud not just a set of basic tools, but a comprehensive service with a deep level of support that is understandable to end users and organized taking into account the specifics of their IT infrastructure has more than tripled . This is largely due to the lack of qualified IT specialists , an increase in the number of infrastructure tasks due to the departure of vendors (including foreign cloud providers), as well as the unavailability of global IT teams of localizing companies.

The past year allowed Beeline to increase the number of data centers to 8.

Despite the difficulties with the supply of equipment, beeline cloud has increased not only the number of IT sites, but also the amount of available IT resources. The number of equipment has also expanded, in particular servers and storage systems – an increase of 10%. The total volume of data storage systems grew by 10%, and computing power – by 60%.

According to beeline cloud analysts , in 2022, most consumer requests have shifted from standard IaaS to comprehensive support for cloud infrastructure: AD , mail, client services, and peripherals related to network infrastructure and information security . There has been a marked increase in interest in SaaS services that were previously provided on-premise: SCCM , PKI , ADFS ( SSO ), etc.

In addition, requests for cloud-related first-line, second-line and ITSM support services, as well as VDI services, have increased .

Beeline cloud analysts noted that 2022 has become quite controversial in terms of the information security segment. On the one hand, users of foreign products faced technological limitations, difficulties in operating familiar solutions, and an increase in the number of cybercrimes. On the other hand, new challenges have become a driver for the development of the information security sector. The services of the Secure Email Gateway turned out to be the most demanded among Beeline customers – the revenue of this product increased by more than 20 times.

Most beeline cloud customers preferred cloud services as a replacement for solutions offered by vendors who left the market . At the same time, the structure of client requests has undergone major changes. If earlier customers connected IaaS and security tools to comply with the requirements of 152-FZ , now they are placing more emphasis on protecting the network and perimeter.

There are two key criteria that have become decisive for customers who have chosen beeline cloud:

  • Beeline services are not inferior in functionality to those that were previously used.
  • Services are provided using domestic software allow companies not to depend on external factors.

Oleg Motovilov , director of the cloud business at Vimpelcom: “In 2022, both companies and customers faced numerous difficulties, but they, for the most part, were overcome. The situation on the market is gradually leveling off due to the emergence of new players and effective import-substituting solutions, many of which are not inferior in their functionality to products that have left the market. In 2023, import substitution will continue to gain momentum, equipment deliveries will stabilize, which is already creating a favorable background for the development of the IT industry.” 

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