Megafon: mobile Internet speed in Onega district of the Arkhangelsk region increased by 20%

MegaFon upgraded the network in the Onega district of the Arkhangelsk region. Now more than 4,000 residents in small settlements of the region will be able to use modern digital services on a par with urban residents , even with increased network load at an average speed of 35 Mbps .

The company’s engineers updated the equipment and launched an additional layer of LTE 1800, which significantly increased the coverage area of ​​the 4G signal and increased the data transfer rate by 20%. Improvements affected residents of 8 settlements, including Tamitsa, Pokrovskoye, Verkhneozersky, Kodino, Purnema, Shasta, Porog, Usachevsky. After upgrading the network infrastructure , residents can comfortably use the necessary online services, as well as study and work remotely using mobile Internet . In addition, the LTE upgrade expands the possibilities for subscribers to use the modern technology of VoLTE voice calls.. The demand for the service is confirmed by MegaFon data – already about 44% of calls in the region are made on fourth-generation networks with cleaner sound and instant connection.

“We are constantly developing the network and trying to minimize the number of “white spots” on the mobile map of the region, so that both citizens and residents of remote settlements can appreciate the high quality of our services. In 2022, the company’s technical specialists launched and upgraded more than 50 communication facilities in the Arkhangelsk region . The work carried out helped to significantly expand the network coverage, increase its capacity and significantly increase data transfer rates . In 2023, we also continue to actively work on the launch of new communication facilities in the region so that the company’s customers can stay in touch anywhere in the region,” said Alexei Mikhailov , director of MegaFon inArkhangelsk .


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