Megafon dispersed mobile Internet in the parks of Balashikha

MegaFon modernized the network in the largest public spaces in Balashikha – in the Pekhorka , Solnechnaya and Zarechnaya parks. As a result, the speed of mobile Internet for park guests has doubled.

Pekhorka Park became the most popular in the Moscow Region in 2022. On the territory of 21.8 hectares there are children’s and sports grounds, a skating rink, a summer cinema , a boat station and many other leisure facilities. MegaFon calculated that in January 2023 the number of visitors to the park increased by 12% compared to the same period last year. At the same time, the consumption of mobile Internet traffic is also growing : in the first month of this year it increased by 21%.

The network upgrade made it possible to prepare the infrastructure for a further increase in loads. As part of the modernization program, MegaFon specialists used an additional LTE-2600 frequency band to expand the network capacity. This is important for popular locations, for example, for the central part or the embankment, where a large number of visitors gather in the summer to admire the view of the city’s main waterway, the Pekhorka River. A twofold increase in network capacity provided subscribers with high-quality mobile services, regardless of the load level at each point.

Particular attention was paid to expanding the coverage of the cellular network in remote locations, primarily in the Pekhorka Les park area. To amplify the signal, the equipment at the existing base stations was replaced with more modern ones. Now users will be able to upload photos to social networks while walking along the forest paths.

The network modernization program also affected other public spaces in Balashikha . Parks ” Solnechnaya ” and “Zarechnaya” opened a few years ago, but are already considered the favorite places of the townspeople. MegaFon installed additional base stations near these parks, which made it possible to double the speed of mobile Internet for vacationers and residents of nearby microdistricts.

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