MCN Telecom increased revenue from telecom platform services in 2022

The telecom operator and developer of software products MCN Telecom completed 2022 by increasing revenue from certain services of the telecom platform and communication services. For example, the company earned 54% more on the FMC service over the 12 months of last year than a year earlier.

The subscriber base of corporate clients of MCN Telecom at the end of 2022 includes 8.7 thousand small and medium-sized Russian companies, which is 3% less than in 2021. The company’s total revenue decreased by about 7% mainly due to a decrease in telephone traffic in the inter-operator and corporate markets.

At the same time, revenue growth for individual services varies from 39% to 83%. Thus, the annual revenue from telephony services, including monthly payments for the maintenance of mobile and fixed numbers, increased by about 40%. The increase in revenue from the Voice Robots solution ranged from 57% (due to the Speech Synthesis service) to 80% (due to the Speech Recognition service ), it was possible to earn 54% more on the FMC service than in 2021. The largest an increase of 83% was shown by the Chatbots solution, which helps to automate interaction with customers in instant messengers . Approximately 60% increase in revenue from the ” Call Tracking ” product, which helps to find out the exact number of calls received from advertisingonline or offline.

New solutions for user authentication have been added: Confirmation Call and Password Call, Mobile ID authorization method , link shortening service in bulk mailings ( API ) has been added. New PBX functions are available – “Combining PBX and PBX / IP-PBX”, “Call transcription”, etc. The “Webhooks” section has been completely updated: it has become possible to create an unlimited number of webhooks for any events on the MCN Telecom telecom platform with the ability to specify variables for sending and resending webhooks when the receiving service is unavailable. New free VATS integrations have also appeared, for example, with the HelpDeskEddy service.

In 2022, the mobile virtual operator MCN Telecom continued to develop its MVNO network , increasing coverage by more than 10 major regions in a year.

In total, in 46 constituent entities of the Russian Federation today MCN Telecom offers companies and individuals to connect mobile numbers without paid subscriptions and hidden fees.

The Ministry of Digital Development has allocated more than 80 thousand mobile numbers to MCN Telecom in the numbering codes: DEF=993, DEF=958, DEF=931, DEF=995. The total number of numbers in operation with the telecom operator is more than 90 thousand mobile and more than 300 thousand fixed numbers

Automation and robotization of business processes remain the key trends in the corporate telephony market . Artificial intelligence

(Artificial Intelligence) and robotics are becoming essential tools in customer service. Contact centers using solutions ” Voice robots ” and ” Chatbots ” show high efficiency in relation to the cost of human resources. At the same time, the speed and quality of processing requests by robots often remain at a high level.

Artificial intelligence technologies, machine learning will be the drivers for the development of telecom platform products in the next 3-5 years.

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