In Russia, imports have replaced the “smart” pill box

A team of scientists from Tyumen State University (Tyumen State University), Tyumen Industrial University (TIU) and Tyumen Medical University (TMU) has created a smart portable pill box and a mobile application that will help you take medicines and dietary supplements in a timely manner. This was reported to Gazeta.Ru at the NTI.

The body of the device is printed on a 3D printer. A battery was also placed in the pill box, which is designed for 10 hours of continuous selective dispensing of drugs. In the application, the user will be able to set the time and number of pills to be taken for himself and his relatives: notifications will be sent by the chatbot.

According to young scientists, almost all segments and groups of the population have the problem of tracking drug intake.

“We conducted a survey. About 88% have ever forgotten about the reception, and 70% of elderly patients do not understand the instructions that the doctor prescribed to them. If we analyze the data of modern patients, then about half violate the medication prescribed by the attending physician, ”project manager Denis Kostritsyn told Gazeta.Ru.

The estimated cost of a portable tablet box will be 1900 rubles, a monthly subscription to the application will cost 279 rubles.

“There are many analogues of smart medical devices on the world market, but they are not popular in  Russia due to indirect sales and application interfaces in English. So far, simple mechanical pillboxes and organizers are being sold on the domestic market, so our startup has a high import-substituting potential,” Kostritsyn concluded.

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