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Facebook and Instagram get subscription for account verification

After Twitter, the Facebook group Meta now also wants to test a subscription business model. According to Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg, the subscription will first be introduced in Australia and New Zealand.

Menlo Park The Facebook group Meta is experimenting with a subscription business model after the decline in advertising revenue. The idea is that for a monthly fee, Facebook and Instagram users can get verified accounts with confirmation by presenting passport documents. In addition to the usual tick of a verified account, the service should also include direct access to customer support and protection against copycat profiles.

The subscription will first be introduced in Australia and New Zealand, founder and boss Mark Zuckerberg wrote on Facebook on Sunday . Other countries are to follow “soon”. The price will be $11.99 if you subscribe online. For purchases on iPhones, it should be $14.99. Apple initially charges a fee of 30 percent for subscriptions made on the iPhone.


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