Digital outdoor advertising on VK can be launched with pay-per-impression

myTarget (VK project) has an additional way to launch digital outdoor advertising. The tool will help both large and small businesses choose the required number of ad impressions for their tasks. This makes it easier for advertisers to plan and set up campaigns, as well as evaluate their results. This was reported to CNews by representatives of VK.

Previously, it was possible to launch a promotion only with payment for the number of possible contacts – OTS . The new tool will help entrepreneurs to choose the right number of ad impressions in order to tell residents of a district or city about their business. Large businesses will be able to strengthen current campaigns: for example, increase the frequency of contact with advertising and reach the audience during certain hours and days of the week during seasonal discounts.

To start the promotion, just select the necessary settings and digital designs. You can continue to communicate with users who saw ads on the street on the Internet – an impersonal audience will be available in myTarget for ad targeting.

Daily statistics in the account reflect the number and frequency of impressions, as well as the number of possible contacts with an advertising message. The general portrait of users will help to understand which audience saw the ad: in terms of socio-demographic parameters and prevailing interests in different topics. Based on the results of the promotion, you can additionally evaluate whether digital outdoor advertising attracted new clicks to the site, application installations or visits to the point of sale.

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