Climatologist Kokorin: “Doomsday glacier” will melt in the next century

Climatologist Alexei Kokorin claims that the complex of glaciers in West Antarctica, including the Thwaites Glacier, will melt and raise the level of the World Ocean by three meters already in the 22nd century. It is reported by RIA Novosti .

“Of course, this is not the 21st century. In the 22nd century, the melting of the western Antarctic ice shelves, there are a lot of them, can raise the level of the World Ocean by three meters, ”Kokorin said.

He added that under the worst-case scenario, ocean level rise in the 22nd century could reach five meters under the influence of “all factors”, including human influence and thermal expansion of water.

According to him, global warming can be stopped at a level of plus 2-2.5 ° C relative to the pre-industrial era, if all countries achieve carbon neutrality by the end of the century. This will reduce the rate of sea level rise.

It was previously reported that Antarctica’s “Doomsday Glacier” could retreat rapidly in the coming years, scientists say, raising concerns about extreme sea levels. 

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