Axenix will teach students how to create digital avatars

The Rails Center for Contemporary Culture from Tver, together with Axenix specialists , is launching an educational project for schoolchildren that will help them get acquainted with the activities of modern IT companies and try themselves as frontend developers . For this project, Axenix has developed a virtual game universe in which students, with the help of experts and curators, will create their own avatar and go through a series of game tasks. Representatives of Axenix reported this to CNews.

Schoolchildren will create a game called “One day in an IT company”. In the virtual office, by controlling the avatar, they will learn how to move around the building, get to know company employees, HR specialists and colleagues on project teams, learn different roles, and complete the first job task. They will have to not only create a virtual character, but also work out in detail its movement algorithms, test the development, pass checkpoints and review the code.

The project will be implemented on the basis of the On Rails campus from February 18 to February 19, 2023: in two days, schoolchildren will receive theoretical and practical knowledge in the direction of frontend development from the specialists of the Axenix Technology Center in Tver . Students aged 12-15 are invited to the event.

“Our goal is to introduce kids to the IT world and immerse them in the basics of frontend development. During the intensive, our experts will dedicate participants to the theoretical foundations of HTML , JavaScript , CSS, and the guys will immediately put their knowledge into practice. Together with Axenix experts, the participants will create their own game, the characters of which will be themselves,” said Dmitry Gorynin , head of Axenix regional technology centers.

Evaluation of works and identification of winners are not expected. The company prepared gifts for all participants.

According to Dmitry Gorynin, specialists involved in custom development for customers were previously in great demand in the company. “ Custom development of unique solutions for the needs of a particular customer has always been in demand in Russia . At the same time, the demand for custom development in 2022 grew due to the need to solve the problems of import substitution ,” said Dmitry Gorynin.

Axenix also cooperates with other educational institutions in the regions of presence of offices, in particular, in Tver the company holds Career Days and job fairs , educational and production practices, hackathons and case championships, and cooperates with the Quantorium technopark .

In addition, Axenix sponsors Worldskills championships and sports programming teams. The company’s experts and practitioners teach IT disciplines, work with the student IT community, give lectures and participate in state attestation commissions. Axenix has internship programs and its own IT training courses in various areas.

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