US President Joe Biden will decide the fate of Apple Watch: Apple is accused of patent infringement, which could lead to a ban on watch imports in the US

Apple companies may ban the import of Apple Watch smartwatches into the United States due to violation of the law. The media writes that US President Joe Biden himself will deal with this issue.

What does it mean

Last month, an International Trade Commission (ITC) judge found that Apple had infringed a patent owned by medical device maker AliveCor. It concerns the function of measuring oxygen in the blood in the Apple Watch smart watch.

In doing so, Apple was acquitted of violating four other AliveCor patents. But even one patent can lead to a ban on the import of gadgets in the US. Media writes that the company has increased its lobbying efforts to a “very high level.” More specifically, by next Monday, President Biden will have to decide whether to veto the import ban or take the case to court.

By the way, a similar situation was in 2013, when ITC discovered that Apple had infringed on a Samsung patent. Then the administration of President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) vetoed a ban that would have affected older models such as the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 3G, iPad 2 3G and iPad 3, which were sold only by AT&T.

AliveCor CEO says Apple has unlimited possibilities: ” We come up with new technologies, and instead of the ecosystem allowing us to thrive and continue to develop the innovations that we already have, Apple is supplanting us, stealing our technologies, using the capabilities of their platform “ .

Source: Phone Arena

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