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Twitter two-factor authentication via SMS will be available only to subscribers

On Friday, February 18, Twitter announced that only Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to use the two-factor authentication feature via SMS.

Reuters informs about it .

“From March 20, 2023, only Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to use text messages as a two-factor authentication method,” Twitter Support said in a post.



At the same time, the company notes that other accounts may use authentication programs and 2FA security keys to protect data. Two-factor authentication based on a phone number and a text message, according to a blog post cited by the company, is often abused by bots.

Twitter owner Elon Musk has confirmed that the company is changing its policy. He wrote “yes” in response to a user’s tweet that the change was due to “Telcos using a bot account to download 2FA SMS”. Musk also confirmed that his company is losing $60 million a year due to fraudulent SMS.

  • On Wednesday, February 15, Twitter became the first social network to allow, with restrictions, ads for cannabis in the United States.

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