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The Netherlands wants to ban civil servants from using TilTok

MPs in the Netherlands want to ban civil servants from using China’s TikTok app on work phones

NOS informs about it .

“Public employees in the Netherlands should not use TikTok on their work phones. This is the opinion of the majority of parliamentarians,” the message says.

The deputies are concerned about the quality of data protection and the ability to access information in the application, since it was developed in China. They fear that user data could be viewed by the Chinese government.

So the deputy of the party D66 Zind Dekker-Abdulaziz notes that they are talking about “potentially high security risks.” She called for caution and a ban on TikTok on the work devices of civil servants.


In turn, CDA (Christian Democratic Party) deputy Evert-Jan Slotweg called on the Netherlands to follow the example of the United States.

“We should not be naive, we should follow the path of the American government,” he stressed.

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