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The Guardant Station system was included in the Register of the Russian software

The complex licensing management system Guardant Station, developed by the Aktiv Company, has successfully passed the verification procedure and entered the Russian Software Register.

Guardant Station is the only Russian integrated software licensing management system. The system allows you to set the license restrictions of a software product in “two clicks” without changing its source code.

Initially, the Guardant Station system intended to work only with foreign environments of Windows OS and MS SQL DBMS. In 2022, in line with the trend of import substitution and the general rejection of foreign products, it implemented support for PostgreSQL DBMS and Linux OS. As a result, users of the Guardant Station system, software vendors, have the opportunity to use a completely secure domestic technology stack and get away from infrastructure dependence on foreign IT products.

Timofey Matrenitsky, Head of Guardant at Aktiv: “The import substitution trend, which has been present on the Russian market for several years, leads to a gradual abandonment of corporate users from foreign products in favor of domestic ones. Companies are rightly afraid of facing a situation when foreign software or equipment becomes unavailable, support stops, or the regulator orders to switch to safe domestic counterparts in a short time. There is a massive restructuring of the market going on right now. And Guardant, as a Russian supplier of an entire ecosystem of sales management and software licensing tools, is at the center of this process.”

The Guardant Station system is a completely domestic development, created by specialists from the Guardant business line of the Russian Aktiv Company. The system
serves as a unified knowledge center of the vendor about software products, clients, licenses and sales, helping to coordinate the work of the departments of the developer company. Guardant Station is available in two versions: cloud-based, located on Guardant servers, and boxed, which the vendor deploys in its own infrastructure.
Guardant is a set of software and hardware products and solutions designed for software developers. Guardant products are combined into a structured system of solutions aimed at working with the entire spectrum of tasks in the field of software protection, licensing and sales management.

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