Scientists Turn Dead Birds Into Creepy But Effective Drones

Enthusiasts from the New Mexico Institute of Technology have created a new type of flying machine based on the body parts of real birds. The decision is controversial and largely experimental – instead of building a classic ornithopter, the engineers decided to make it easier for themselves and take what has already been created by nature. These strange devices do fly, but not as well as their creators would like.


The idea is based on the need for a device for espionage from above, which would disguise itself as an ordinary bird. In addition, designing wings for an ornithopter is an extremely difficult task that evolution has already “solved” by creating the wings of birds. Bird heads, tails and bodies were also used, inside which the main mechanisms were located.

This controversial miracle of technology flies almost like a living bird – due to wing flapping and gliding in air currents, but it does it relatively clumsily. In addition, the drones turned out to be noisy, which unmasks them. On the other hand, at a distance, they really resemble, albeit strange, but still birds, and therefore attract much less attention than ordinary multicopters.

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