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Riding on nerves: how a married couple drove through the USA in an electric car

Currently, such a journey is a much more nerve-wracking action than moving in a car with an internal combustion engine.

Business Insider publishes the story of a couple who rented a Kia EV6 electric car and drove it across the US from Michigan to Florida. During the trip, about 2,400 km were covered, in total, 12 stops were made during the trip to charge the battery, on average, the car drove 440 km on one charge. Charging took from 20 to 55 minutes.

The constant worry about the next charge forced the pair to save electricity and not heat the cabin, even in cold weather.

This phenomenon – the anxiety “whether I will get there”, even received a special term “range anxiety” in the English-language literature.

It is noted that the Joe Biden administration plans to invest $ 5 billion to improve the infrastructure for charging cars in the United States. The plan, which will take approximately five years to complete, was announced in October 2022.

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