RANEPA announced massive personnel changes

And about. Rector Komissarov: there will be many personnel changes in the RANEPA, for some it will be difficult

MOSCOW, Feb 17 – PRIME . Alexei Komissarov, Acting Rector of the RANEPA, said that there would be many personnel changes at the university, some would like them, while others would be hard pressed to experience them.

There will certainly be personnel changes. I honestly say that there will be a lot of changes. the opportunity to prove themselves,” Komissarov said in an interview with Izvestia.

He added that the rhythm of work will now be much higher than before, and if the leaders are ready to work in such a rhythm, be guided by the main values ​​and principles of the academy and change somewhere, then they will work.

According to Komissarov, personnel restructuring will be most active in the first months, and then “the main backbone will form and remain.”

“In Russia, there is indeed a huge shortage of qualified managers in a variety of areas, including in the civil service in general,” the acting director noted. head of the university.

In addition, the RANEPA plans to train 6,000 people from the LPR, DPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions under the program for training managers for new regions.

He concluded that the university “almost did not sink” in terms of the number of foreign students, and international cooperation will not stop, sooner or later all countries will understand that it is necessary to cooperate with Russia.

The government of the Russian Federation released Vladimir Mau, who headed the RANEPA since 2010, from the post of rector at his own request due to his health condition. The duties of the rector were entrusted to the vice-rector of the institution and the general director of ANO “Russia the Land of Opportunities” Alexei Komissarov on January 23.

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