Axiom Space showed a photo of the assembly of the world’s first private space station


American startup Axiom Space, specializing in space technology and space tourism, is making progress in building the first private space station, Axiom Station. According to the company, in the future it claims to become, no less, “the successor to the ISS.”

Mikael Lopez-Alegria, a participant in the first private mission of Axiom Space to the ISS, posted photos taken by him in April last year in an enterprise workshop in Italy, where large segments of the future station are assembled.

Judging by the image, these cylindrical structures and metal rings are part of the docking unit of the central module at the stage of mechanical and welding work. By the end of 2025, its assembly should be completed in Houston.

If the plans are not frustrated, then the Crew Dragon spacecraft will deliver the participants of the private mission to the ISS. It is assumed that among its participants will be the first astronauts from Saudi Arabia, who are currently being trained at the NASA Space Center. Kennedy.



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