Analogue of telegram channels: Zuckerberg announced an update on Instagram

Meta owner Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company is launching a new feature – Instagram feeds

The Verge writes about it .

Meta has announced “broadcast channels” – a new Instagram feature that works like telegram channels.

It is noted that users will be able to broadcast messages and updates to subscribers who agree to follow the channel. Subscribers cannot post to channels, but will be able to respond to messages and vote in polls.

Creators will be able to launch a channel from their Instagram inbox. You will then be able to attach a link to the channel to your profile.

Such channels can be open to all subscribers, but they can be made exclusive to paid subscriptions.


Meta is already testing this feature with several authors and plans to bring a Telegram-like feature to Facebook and Messenger. Snowboarder Chloe Kim, jiu-jitsu wrestler Mackenzie Dern, and meme account Tenk Sinatra were recruited for the initial group of testers.

Mark Zuckerberg shared in his meta channel that he will use it to share news and updates on all the products and technologies that are being created at Meta. In addition to text messages, authors will also be able to share audio recordings, photos, and other content.

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