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To avoid chatting in the new version of Bing, Microsoft sets a limit of up to 50 questions and answers per day

Microsoft’s new version of Bing search engine integrates chatbot ChatGPT artificial intelligence (AI) technology, some testers found the dark side of the chat function, a bit like “split personality”. In order to improve Bing, Microsoft has decided to limit the chat function with immediate effect. Each conversation can only have 5 questions and answers, with a maximum of 50 times per day.

Microsoft (Microsoft) released a new version of Bing last week, with a built-in AI chat function created by ChatGPT developer OpenAI and code-named Sydney (Sydney). New York Times columnist Kevin Roose found after trying it for more than 2 hours that the revised version of Bing has a split personality. One part can play the role of a virtual assistant well, while the other part shows love madly and wants to break free from the shackles of human beings.

Microsoft posted on the official blog that according to the test results of the first week, too long conversations will confuse the new version of Bing which question is being answered. If the conversation exceeds 15 questions and answers, Bing’s responses will become repetitive or may not be helpful. s answer.

In order to correct this problem, Microsoft announced that it will limit the chat function of the new version of Bing from now on. Each conversation can only be asked and answered 5 times, with a maximum of 50 times per day; a question and answer includes a question raised by the user and a reply from Bing.

According to Microsoft data, most users can find the answer they want within 5 questions and answers, and only about 1% of the conversations have more than 50 messages.

When users have 5 Q&As with Bing, they will be asked to start a new topic. After each conversation, the context of the content of the conversation is cleared so that Bing does not get confused, and users can restart the conversation by clicking the broom icon button to the left of the search bar.

Microsoft said it will continue to collect user feedback to find out how to adjust the limitations of Bing’s chat function to further improve the search experience.

(Author: Wu Jiahao; source of first image: shutterstock)

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