Tile anti-tracking mechanism makes items easy to be stolen, now adding “million dollar” anti-theft mode

Tile, Apple’s AirTag competitor, announced a tracker anti-theft mode earlier, which will prevent the tracker from being detected by anti-tracking security features; Anyone caught stalking someone without their consent can be fined $1 million.

In Tile’s original anti-tracking function, the company added a security mechanism called Scan and Secure. Scan and Secure allows iPhone or Android mobile phone users to use the application to detect whether there is a Tile device nearby, so as to ensure their own security. Whether it is tracked by Tile.

Although the intention of Scan and Secure is good, some people will use the Scan and Secure function to scan the items after stealing other people’s items. If it detects that there is a Tile in it, then the Tile will be found out and discarded first. .

The Scan and Secure mechanism cannot meet the needs of some users, so Tile has further introduced the anti-theft function. This anti-theft feature basically disables Scan and Secure directly, and a Tile with anti-theft mode turned on will be undetectable by someone who does not own the device.

It sounds like Tile anti-theft mode will be a good thing for some domestic violence, but Tile said that users who want to enable anti-theft mode must use multi-factor identification to register, and these users must agree to strict terms of use, one of which is If a device with anti-theft mode enabled is used to track someone, it will be fined $1 million.

If Tile users enable anti-theft mode, they will be required to link their valid ID to their Tile account and must submit a biometric scan to verify the authenticity of the ID.

The reason why Tile requires these users to provide proof of identity is to prevent people from using Tile for malicious tracking. Tile also stated that the company has adopted a highly cooperative stance with law enforcement, and users who enable anti-theft mode must accept that if they are suspected of stalking others, their personal information will be shared with law enforcement officers.

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