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The maturity of ChatGPT will help the development of metaverse! Drive related ETFs to soar more than 20% this year

Metaverse concept stock Roblox announced its latest quarterly financial report before the U.S. stock market on Wednesday. The platform’s booking revenue and the time spent by users in the game both increased by nearly 20% year-on-year. The overall financial report results were better than market expectations, stimulating market sentiment , Individual stocks soared more than 25% in a single day. At present, major metaverse content providers continue to create diverse and diverse scenarios to provide consumers with different experiences.

Wang Chenfang, manager of Fubon Metaverse ETF, said that recently the artificial intelligence chat robot ChatGPT has become one of the focuses of the market. American technology giants have announced their investment in the field of artificial intelligence research, and emphasized the importance of artificial intelligence in their recent financial reports. It is expected to combine Existing products introduce higher-level service experience, 

Wang Chenfang pointed out that the development foundation of ChatGPT and Metaverse requires a large amount of data, algorithms and other supporting technologies. With the gradual maturity of artificial intelligence technology, it is expected to eliminate the challenges faced in the development of Metaverse applications and inject new resources into related applications. New ideas are expected to be of great benefit to the application of the Metaverse.

The maturity of ChatGPT is conducive to the development of Metaverse, driving the performance of related ETFs soaring this year. According to the latest statistics from Cmoney, Fubon Metaverse ETF has risen by more than 27.74% this year, Cathay Pacific Digital Payment ETF has risen by more than 25.12%, Yuanta Global AI ETF has risen More than 24.19%, Taishin Global AI ETF rose more than 23.64%, all benefited from the application fermentation of ChatGPT and Metaverse.

Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Meta, said that artificial intelligence supports many important functions of Facebook and Instagram, including recommending Reels videos, photos, and posting to users, which shows that the issues of emerging technologies continue to ferment recently, and you can pay attention to related companies in the future performance and movement.

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