Roscosmos reported that the first of the damaged ships will leave the ISS on February 18

Roscosmos reported that the first of the ships with a damaged cooling system would leave the International Space Station (ISS) on Saturday, February 18, RIA Novosti reported .

It is clarified that we are talking about the Progress MS-21 cargo ship – at 5.26 Moscow time it will be undocked, then the astronauts will deploy it using teleoperator control and be able to photograph the fault site. After that, the truck will be sent to Earth and flooded on the same day.

The fate of another ship with damaged thermal insulation, the manned Soyuz MS-22, also became known. His mission will be taken by the Soyuz MS-23, which will take off in an unmanned mode earlier than planned – on February 20 instead of March 16.

Earlier, Roskosmos reported that the inspection of the damaged Progress MS-21 spacecraft had been completed.

It is noted that photo and video images will be transferred to Russian specialists to find out the cause of the depressurization of the ship’s thermal control system.


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