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Microsoft defends problems with new Bing, says AI upgrade still a work in progress

After the launch of Bing, which integrates the artificial intelligence robot ChatGPT technology, there have been some failure reports, and some users said that the reply content is disturbing. In this regard, Microsoft said that the research and development of the new version of Bing is still in progress.

Microsoft Corp. ( MSFT ) said the new version of Bing, which incorporates ChatGPT technology from the popular artificial intelligence (AI) bot, has reported some glitches after it launched and some users said the replies were disturbing. Research and development work is still ongoing.

Microsoft called the past week a learning experience, saying the learning helped the company test and improve the new version of Bing. So far, Bing has only been available to a select group of users. In a blog post on Wednesday, Microsoft said the upgrade to Bing “is not intended to replace or replace this search engine, but rather a tool for better understanding and awareness of the world.”

Microsoft unveiled the new AI-powered Bing at an event at its Redmond, Wash., headquarters last week. The company said that Bing’s upgrade provides users with a new way to search, people can ask questions in natural language, and Bing will generate direct answers and suggestions instead of directing users to other websites.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella…

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