Largest dinosaur footprint discovered in Yorkshire

PYGS: Yorkshire's largest dinosaur footprint discovered

Archaeologist Marie Woods accidentally discovered the largest dinosaur footprint ever found in Yorkshire. The results of the work are described in the journal Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society (PYGS).

As specified, the size of the find reaches almost one meter. It was left by a giant carnivorous theropod from the Jurassic period. Most likely, the footprint was left when the dinosaur was resting or squatting about 166 million years ago. The type of print, given its age, suggests that it was left by a megalosaurus-like dinosaur with a hip height of 2.5 to 3 meters.

Woods managed to identify a three-finger print in April 2021 while walking along the coast. After which she reported this to a paleontologist from the University of Manchester. A team of specialists carefully removed the find for later analysis and preservation in the Scarborough Museum and Gallery. After the completion of conservation, it will be put on public display.

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