Journal of Political Ecology: Veganism may be worse for the climate than meat consumption

Scientists from the University of Georgia have found that veganism may be more harmful to the planet than moderate meat consumption. The study is published in  the Journal of Political Ecology .

Animal husbandry is one of the main sources of greenhouse gases, which make a significant contribution to global climate change. Therefore, many people refuse meat and other animal products.

Scientists have found that many of the soy products that vegans use to get enough protein are produced away from the consumer. Most often – in  India , Malaysia and Nigeria . For this, large areas of forests are cut down. Thus, vegans can unintentionally harm the inhabitants of these countries.

In addition, the transportation of products itself is associated with the emission of greenhouse gases. The transportation of palm oil, another common component of the vegan diet, also brings harm.

The researchers also demonstrated that small livestock farms with short supply chains can be less environmentally damaging than large producers, so overall moderate meat consumption may be more beneficial to the planet than going vegan en masse.

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