In Russia, tests of the drone TRAMP began

Tests of the transport UAV TRAMP have started in Russia, the first flight will take place in April

In Russia, ground tests of the transport drone TRAMP (transport aviation multifunctional platform) have begun – the first flight is scheduled for April. This was reported by RIA Novosti to a source in the military-industrial complex (OPK).

According to the source of the agency, the developers have begun testing the drone on the ground. Drone control systems and mechanisms are checked and debugged, a series of runs are performed without leaving the runway to refine the calculated parameters.

The development of a long-range transport drone of the aircraft type TRAMP was previously reported . It is capable of transferring up to 250 kilograms of cargo over a distance of over 600 kilometers. A key feature of the new machine is the presence of a large cargo compartment with a volume of 2650 liters. It allows you to load oversized cargo on board, as well as drop it with a parachute to a given point.

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