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How to securely share files on the intranet?

Owners of the corporate platform MFlash, designed for secure file sharing and content collaboration, now have the opportunity to connect an additional option to reduce the risk of information leaks during the exchange.

The technology was jointly developed by MSoft (MFlash) and Crosstech Solutions Group (Docs Security Suite).

MFlash and DSS integration delimit the access rights to documents uploaded to the platform in accordance with the job responsibilities of users, and mark documents in order to be able to unambiguously identify the information leakage channel.

Docs Security Suite is an IRM solution for managing access to unstructured data and controlling their use. The main task of DSS is the implementation of the information protection regime adopted in the organization. Docs Security Suite will track both intentional data transfer and unintentional leaks.

“Technological partnership between Crosstech Solutions Group and MSoft will solve a very important task for customers in terms of ensuring the security of information during file transfer. The integration of the MFlash corporate platform and our Docs Security Suite (DSS) solution will make the infrastructure more reliable and secure, and prevent possible leaks associated with inattention or illegitimate activities of company employees. We are pleased to be part of this project, which combined the knowledge and experience of several companies” – Anton Chumakov, Head of Product Development at Crosstech Solutions Group.

The MFlash platform allows you to optimize the process of corporate file sharing, while maintaining a balance between convenience and security. The platform already contains a number of built-in mechanisms to ensure control and security of the file exchange process. However, for comprehensive protection, additional measures are needed, which are provided by cooperation with specialized players in the information security market.

“As part of corporate file sharing, it is very important to ensure the confidentiality of valuable corporate data and minimize the possibility of its leakage. The combination of MFlash and DSS allows you to conveniently and quickly exchange and work together with files on both sides of the organization’s perimeter, while being completely within the framework of the structural access control model adopted at the corporate level, ”says Vladimir Emyshev, Development Director at MSoft

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