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Funny but safe: airbag-equipped motorcycle pants unveiled (video)

Pants with airbags, although they look ridiculous, can save you from injury. They can be worn over regular trousers or jeans.

CX Air Dynamics and Mo’Cycle showed off their motorcycle pants with airbags. They look funny, but increase safety in an accident. This was reported on the New Atlas website.

Protective airbags built into motorcycle equipment can inflate instantly to reduce the chance of injury in a fall. They are triggered by cables connecting the pants to the motorcycle.

The first company to produce such pants was CX Air Dynamics. Their product CX Easyriders is a waterproof set of pants that can be worn over regular trousers.

The CX Easyriders have a flexible, shock-absorbing Poron XRD plate placed on the knees and hips. Airbags are built into the area from the hips to the lower leg.

Mo’Cycle offers a more “stylish” version of the motorcycle pants in the form of jeans. They also have airbags built in that only go up to the knee, but there are pockets underneath with knee pads.

This product is planned to be put into production in March. They will be offered at a price of $445 per pair.

Focus previously reported that the famous German tuning studio Brabus, together with KTM, presented a sports bike 1300 R Edition 23 .

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