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Does ChatGPT need to pay for upgrades? KPMG analyzes ChatGPT+ version differences

The free version of ChatGPT has attracted hundreds of millions of fans in the first season. Even AI deep learning master Geoffrey Hinton praised ChatGPT as one of the best language models at present, and has launched a business model of coexistence of subscription and free services. Users in Taiwan started from February Starting on the 10th, you can subscribe to the paid version of ChatGPT+ for $20 per month, but do you want to pay for an upgrade?

Xie Yunze, managing director of KPMG Anhou, said that this is a rare case in which super-large Internet services in the past can immediately switch from “circle fans” to “monetization” mode within a short period of time after the service is launched. In other words, now that the subscription option is enabled, it is an agile defensive strategy in the short term, and a forward-looking offensive layout in the medium and long term.

Xie Yunze pointed out that although the short-term surge of hundreds of millions of registered users has brought more than expected popularity to ChatGPT, users also clearly feel that the response efficiency of the system is low, especially when there are real people queuing up and other robots at peak hours. phenomenon, but waited for a result of “refusing to return”. At the same time, OpenAI was faced with the pressure of greatly increasing system maintenance costs.

Why doesn’t ChatGPT implement advertising to make money and keep users free? Xie Yunze analyzed that if ChatGPT adopts the advertising system to earn income, it needs to have enough usage to attract advertisements, which will make the performance problem more serious, and ChatGPT adds a subscription option, which can make the ordinary people who come to “watch the fun” Users and “doorway” professionals, or enterprise users who may create higher value in the future, conduct “group management”.

Xie Yunze predicted that the subscription system can provide OpenAI with predictable income, ensure its long-term sustainable development, facilitate the development of more research and development tools, and promote the further development and popularization of generative AI. If the ChatGPT subscription system Success, the AI ​​market in the future will break the business model dominated by 2B (business services) in the past, and create new network applications of 2C (consumer services).

Li Guanzhang, associate director of KPMG An Hou, said that analyzing the performance, content, and functions of the current free and paid versions, the biggest difference between the two is that in addition to the response speed that users feel at the first time, there is also when ChatGPT You can feel the value of paying when dealing with “situational problems” involving roles, positions, specified generative language styles, and special applications.

Li Guanzhang gave an example, suppose you are a key player in a basketball team, and the best player in the team can’t practice before the game for no reason, would you still let him play? When the user gives given role conditions, such as coaches, players, fans, etc., the paid version of ChatGPT is obviously better able to grasp the situation specified by the user, and provides answers from different perspectives from different role settings.

Li Guanzhang explained that the free version has similar answers to different characters, but when answering questions that generally have no preset special situations or assumptions, the quality or quantity of the answers of the two versions is currently not much different, but using the paid version of ChatGPT+, It can reduce the chance of the robot “hesitating to talk and stop” and improve the user experience. In the future, it will also give priority to unpacking new functions and get surprises from the robot.

Li Guanzhang emphasized that the most important thing is that the user’s ability to ask questions must also be self-upgraded. First, set the question or demand situation and assumptions, and the content that needs to generate a specific style, theme, and emotion can be raised to a new level. Use ChatGPT to do simple tasks in daily life, and the free version of ChatGPT can already meet the needs.

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