Simba’s story in a square. Rare Sumatran tiger cubs born at Chester Zoo

This species is one of the rarest subspecies of the tiger in the world, and therefore the birth of twins gives the species hope for salvation.

Sumatran tigers are considered the smallest surviving tiger subspecies. Representatives of this species are distinguished by thick black stripes on an orange skin and today are on the verge of extinction, writes Daily Mail .

With less than 350 Sumatran tigers left in the wild today, the birth of twins actually plays an important role in the survival of the entire species, according to Chester Zoo animal and plant director Mike Jordan.

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Note that the main reasons for the extinction of this species is the loss of habitat due to deforestation and poaching. However, now the species has hope for salvation – it appeared on January 7 in the form of the birth of two twin cubs in a pair of tigers Kasarne and Dash.

According to the head of the group of predators at the Chester Zoo Dave Hall, zoo officials hope that over time this pair of Sumatran tigers will be able to influence the situation of the whole species and help prevent the extinction of these majestic animals.

While the cubs stay close to their parents, zoo officials plan to wait until the cubs are old enough to leave the enclosure so they can confirm their gender and name the cubs. Tentatively, this will happen in early April, but for now, zoo employees are watching the life of the Sumatran tiger family through a video surveillance camera. It should be noted that these are the first cubs born to this pair of tigers, however, the zoo staff say that the parents do a wonderful job with their firstborns – the mother feeds the cubs every couple of hours, and the father protects them so that the cubs stay in the enclosure all the time.

By the way, tiger cubs are not the only special replenishment of the zoo; at the end of last year, the rarest chimpanzee in the world was born here.


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