Scientists have proposed the use of spiders to combat pests

Some types of spiders can effectively destroy pests of tomatoes and potatoes. It is reported by the University of Portsmouth.

Leaf roller Tuta absoluta has developed resistance to insecticides, making it extremely difficult for farmers to protect their tomato and potato crops. Other approaches are needed to control this insect, such as using natural predators such as spiders.

American scientists have investigated the use of tropical orbweb spiders Cyrtophora citricola for pest control, as these spiders form groups, are not prone to cannibalism, and also create large webs to capture prey.

In the course of the experiment, various types of prey were introduced into spider colonies of different sizes – small leafworms, fruit flies ( Drosophila hydei ) and larger black soldier lions ( Hermetia illucens) . ). The researchers found that larger spiders built larger webs and tended to catch more prey, as well as easily catching and eating leafworms and fruit flies, while larger black lion cubs were rarely caught.

“Our results indicate that tropical orbweb spiders can be an effective biological control of flying insect pests, at least when they grow to adult size. Because they have evolved the ability to live in groups, these spiders may be better suited to the task at hand than the more aggressive solitary cannibalistic spiders.

Spiders of this species can form groups of hundreds or even thousands of interconnected webs, creating giant super-webs to catch many insects. The spider colonies also serve as a substrate for other spider species, which further increases the number of predators and aids in pest control.

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