Russian scientists have proposed a quick way to detect harmful organochlorines in oil

In Russia, they invented a new method for detecting organochlorines harmful to equipment in oil. It is reported by TASS.

Organochlorine compounds (OCs) are a dangerous type of oil pollution. During processing, they can release hydrochloric acid, which leads to corrosion of expensive equipment. In this regard, the oil industry has adopted strict standards for the maximum allowable concentration of CHOS, but their detection in oil requires a complex procedure, several days and laboratory conditions.

Russian scientists have found a way to significantly speed up this process. “The express method, developed by the scientific group of the Siberian Institute of Physics and Technology (SPTI) TSU, allows you to determine the presence of traces at a concentration level of 6-10 ppm units in oil in a few minutes. It is based on the use of original semiconductor gas-sensitive sensors developed at the SPTI and having no analogues in the world,” the developers said.

The created device is suitable for express analysis directly at the production site and during transportation. The prototype of the device has already been tested on real samples of commercial oil.

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